De Gouden Liniaal

House AGVA . Antwerpen

De Gouden Liniaal . House AGVA . Antwerpen (4)

De Gouden Liniaal Architecten . photos: © van Eetveldt + Nyhuis . + archdaily

As part of the city of Antwerp’s Land and Property policy, AG Vespa (“Autonomous Local Enterprise Real Estate and city projects for Antwerp”) purchases run-down properties in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and seeks, by regeneration or renovation, to provide positive incentives in and around the city centre to contribute to a better living environment. This project is located in the Lange Beeldekensstraat, near the De Coninckplein and Antwerp Central Station.


The limited allowance for building and the enclosed situation at the rear of the building demanded to stack the different spaces. The living spaces were divided into a double height ‘bel-étage’, whereby a maximal amount of natural light enters the house through the southern rear of the house. The sitting area is elevated on top of the high walls of the patio and thus the closed character of the home is compensated by a broad view over the internal area of the block.

The facade presents itself as a mosaic of bricks and at the same time wants to emanate a certain robustness and playfulness. Within the modular design of the bricks open spaces are left for window frames and doorways. The wooden exterior joinery compensates here the grey-blue lava appearance of the bricks.

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