Nairy Baghramian

Jupon Réassemblé . 2016

Nairy Baghramian . Jupon Réassemblé . 2016 (1)

photos: © Timo Ohler . + S.M.A.K.

Taking its title from a French phrase that means an adjustment to one’s worldview that results from being overly specialized, Déformation Professionnelle also speaks of analysing one’s profession or métier: in this case the artist’s method. Baghramian radically liberated her oeuvre by reducing it to a supporting structure around which, as it were, she built a prosthesis in the form of this exhibition. Déformation Professionnelle was literally conceived in the setting of two eclipsed spaces: the real or fictive blueprints of completed artworks, and the architectural space of S.M.A.K.