Duggan Morris

Strand East Plot R3 . London

Duggan Morris . Strand East Plot R3 . London (1)

Duggan Morris Architects

Residential scheme containing 156 units, located to the south east of the emerging Strand East masterplan. The proposed scheme is envisaged as a collection of three distinct residential blocks that respond to their immediate context, with a western frontage to Sugar House Lane and pleasing views of the Three Mills Wall River towards the east. The proposal represents a second commission by the client Vastint, for whom Duggan Morris Architects submitted a planning application for plot MU5 in November 2015.


Each of the units within the plot R3 scheme has been carefully designed from the inside out, responding intelligently to varying street conditions as well as issues of proximity, outlook, orientation and privacy. The scheme delivers a generous core to flat ratio, with many ground floor units also benefitting from a secondary entrance from the street, encouraging an inherent feeling of address, ownership and identity.

The roof forms across the three elements have been considered in response to issues of building profile, identity and context. A robust material palette of brick and precast concrete is proposed and it is intended that the three elements share a common language albeit with clear differences in colour and detail. The proposed colours and textures are intended to respond to the earthy tones and formal language of the site’s post­industrial context, as well as the emerging palette of the adjacent Strand East schemes, whilst simultaneously infusing a sense of colour, joy and delight.

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