Richard Serra

Reversal 01 . 2015

01 Richard Serra . Reversal 01 . 2015

+ Galerie Lelong

Lelong Editions is presenting a new series of 10 prints from the sculptor Richard Serra, created in the Gemini studios in Los Angeles and entitled Reversal. Each work consists of two sheets, on which a black stripe, a mixture of paint-stick and silica has been drawn. This saturated strip dialogues with the white paper and reverses proportionally from one sheet to another, from top to bottom; the black strip at the top of the sheet is white on the sheet underneath and vice versa. With these recent works, Serra is exploring the cognitive perception of shape; he brings height to flat forms (or the contrary) and with these dense blocks that absorb light he creates a striking sensation of gravity. Serra is particularly well known for his in-situ sculptures.
Galerie Lelong