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“vrijdijk” concept . Europan 13 . Streefkerk

Estudio Lunar . vrijdijk concept . Europan 13 . Streefkerk (1)

Estudio Lunar . europan 13

The main idea of the project is to keep the dike totally free of direct constructions on it and as natural as possible. This concept of “free dike” will allow its maintenance anytime and continuous monitoring. The future is uncertain and difficult to predict; the planned reinforcement for 2.065 could happen before or some new technologies can appear that might be good to implement on the dike reinforcement or its monitoring. Therefore we believe it’s important that the solution secures complete access to the dike reinforcement areas.


Nevertheless our proposal is not only based on reinforcement technical aspects, our solution is also influenced by architec­tural concepts, landscape design ideas and social aspects.
By suspending beautiful houses on the dike we let the dike express itself as a green wave, changing from season to season and bringing green to the urbanized areas.
In order to offer flexibility to the new inhabitants we allow temporary light constructions under the elevated houses (on the berm). Under the condition of temporarily and light construction, every owner can decide to build a wooden deck terrace, an extra room, winter garden or leave it free to park one car or place planters to do some gardening. These con­structions cannot jeopardize the dike reinforcement and when the new reinforcement is necessary they will be removed or dismounted.
The free berm of the dike not only becomes the access area to the new houses but also a multifunctional space with its own urban ecosystem designed specifically to build a community feeling with its own identity.

“vrijdijk” concept
Europan 13 shortlisted entry.
Team: Juan Marcos Rodriguez Diaz, Joan Alomar Mateu, Conxa Gené García, Javier Íñigo Moreno-Ventas, Carmen Largacha Polo, Ignacio Llorens Canosa

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