David Chipperfield

Inagawa Reien cemetery . Inagawa-cho


David Chipperfield Architects

Forty kilometres north of Osaka, the Inagawa Reien cemetery is situated on a steep mountainside of the Hokusetsu chain in the Hyogo prefecture. David Chipperfield Architects London have been commissioned to design a chapel for The Boenfukyukai Foundation. The project sits at the bottom of a monumental flight of steps which lead to a small shrine at the top of the cemetery. The chapel and a visitor centre sit on either side of the steps around a new sheltered public area, serving as a threshold between the outer world and a quieter space for commemoration. The prismatic composition of rough sand-blasted red concrete volumes forms an intimate complex that is in tune with the dominant slope of the site.
Demolition of the pre-existing structures on site has been completed and work on the new buildings has now started. The project is due to open in the Spring next year.


Beside the New Valentino Flagship Store at 39 Old Bond Street, granted planning permission for the development recently.

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