Puppet an Actor Theatre . Kielce

WXCA . Puppet an Actor Theatre . Kielce  (1)


Contemporary architecture together with historical tissue very often creates a unique atmosphere for all kinds of creative activities. The new Puppet and Actor Theater in Kielce will be located on a castle hill, and that provides a great opportunity to arrange inspiring spaces for artistic actions and cultural exchange between its users.

The idea of the project is to emphasize quality of historical architecture by a modest appearance of new extension, which stays in a background and keeps the original composition of the castle and its surroundings untouched.
The added block will blend into the landscape of the hill by using a special material on its elevation – concrete mixed with a local stone. One of its walls is to be polished, thus creating an effect of reflection, which visually widens a narrow passage between the new extension and existing building. A glossy surface of this wall may also work as landscape theater, presenting a daily spectacle of reflections and light played by the scenery of castle hill.

1st prize for WXCA in the competition for Puppet an Actor Theatre in Kielce (Poland)
Architecture – WXCA: Szczepan Wroński, Małgorzata Dembowska, Krzysztof Moskała, Michał Sapko, Anna Majewska
Theatre technology/acoustics – PRACOWNIA AKUSTYCZNA: dr Piotr Kozłowski, Karolina Chorąży – Ściana, Szymon Świstek
Visualization – VIVID VISION – Kacper Mroczek, Tomasz Michalski