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UNULAUNU . T3GMARK . Daniel Popescu . Rozina Dragomir

Building an embassy in this day and age, presents itself with a difficult task. It is a play of balance between meeting quite pragmatic and demanding issues (embassy historian Jane Loeffler) and setting a general tone for a future relationship and sharing experience among different countries, different cultures. On the one hand, safety, extreme privacy plays a crucial role for the functioning of such a building, and on the other hand, the architecture should communicate values of a culture and ideology, and thus to adopt a position towards the general public. You could say such a building thrives when it becomes a hub, a meeting place, always open and flexible, but makes its mark through time by functioning with a scientific precision within a controlled environment. The brutal clash of these opposing forces can only be solved through architecture that must transcend with elegance this level of understanding, thus truly mirroring the true values of a whole nation.

This project is the result of a collaboration between UNULAUNU, T3GMARK, Daniel Popescu and Rozina Dragomir