Graham Wilson

A.O. #24 (90 SQ . 2015

A.O. #24 (90 SQ . 2015

+ Brand New Gallery

Wilson sets up different systems of measurement and demarcation that form the basis of his practice. “Natural Motion” an installation of five, five-panel works is composed of thin vertically hanging and identically sized and spaced strips of canvas. Each set of five paintings stands for one of the natural elements (earth, water, wind, fire, and aether). Each of the five elements is itself comprised of an assortment of “Alpha” and “Omega” paintings, which are always exhibited together. While the “Alpha” paintings gather paint splatters, the “Omega” paintings amass paint chips from previously paint-stripped canvases. These works address the question of intentionality, accidental production, possibility, and control, and extend Wilson’s interest in the potentiality of repurposed and rehabilitated materials.


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