Cevdet Erek

A Room of Rhythms – Otopark . 2015

Cevdet Erek . A Room of Rhythms – Otopark . 2015  (3)

photos: © Sahir Uğur Eren . + Istanbul Biennial

Born in Istanbul in 1974, where he lives and works, Erek studied architecture, sound engineering and design. In his new installation A Room of Rhythms – Otopark, he articulates a void through sound and physical elements. Emptying an old car park and gas station built out of concrete in 1940, he conducts a last act of farewell to the building, which is scheduled to be demolished as part of the district’s gentrification process. The work is an experimental iteration of his 2012 Raum der Rhythmen (Room of Rhythms) for dOCUMENTA (13), an experience of sound and space achieved through three layers of rhythms: those of everyday life, of musical measurements, and of abstract references to waves of history, as revolutions or coups d’états.
Istanbul Biennial