Europan 13 . Urban Prescriptions . LEEUWARDEN

estudi08014 . Eurpan 13 . Urban Prescriptions . LEEUWARDEN (1)


We propose a series of ‘urban prescriptions’ that can be implemented beyond the project area. A catalog which can be exported to urban environ­ments with similar problems and opportunities as in Leeuwarden.
Prescriptions implemented at small and me­dium scale but with significant consequences to the whole city.
Prescriptions aimed not so much to transform the image of the city but the way in which people use it.
Prescriptions that deal with issues as diverse as housing, public services, memory or leisure.
Prescriptions that put the citizen in the fore­ground.

Europan 13. 2º premio.
Equipo: estudi08014 | Adrià GUARDIET . Sandra TORRES