Cristina Iglesias

Phreatic Zones . 2015

Cristina Iglesias . Phreatic Zones . 2015 (1)

+ Marian Goodman

Throughout her career, Iglesias has defined a unique sculptural vocabulary, building immersive and experiential environments that reference and unite architecture, literature and culturally site-specific influences. Through a language of architectural and natural forms rendered in resin, bronze, stainless steel and terra cotta, she poetically redefines any logical interpretation of space by confounding interior and exterior, organic and artifice…With a raised, paved floor, Iglesias has created continuity with the exterior pavement leading to Golden Square. The fountains are lined with bas-reliefs organic forms, cast in aluminum, through which water ebbs, flows, gushes and drains in a carefully syncopated choreography of movement and sound that transforms the gallery into a sensory, alternate world where the constraints of architecture dissolve into landscape.
Marian Goodman