Atelier Vens Vanbelle

Hans & Delphine . Ghent

Atelier Vens Vanbelle . Hans & Delphine . Ledeberg  (1)

Atelier Vens Vanbelle

Hans and Delphine dreamed of a new kitchen, a new bathroom, and an airier and more open house. Hans wanted to read his newspaper in the sunlight, Delphine wanted a big garden. In order to comply with this wish, there was made a construction which feels like an extension of the garden.


Instead of building a kitchen, a space that evokes the feeling of an autumn stroll was designed: the light falls through a series of skylights subtly through the fin structure of the ceiling, the floor appears to be covered with leaves and tree trunks make the hike through this space adventurous.
To increase the link with the garden both walls were kept white, so one focuses on the floor, the tree trunks, fins and garden.
The kitchen island was suspended by two logs and was coated with stainless steel which reflects the colors of the space, and a brown concrete hexagon in the garden works as a terrace.
The new bathroom is located at the rear side of the first floor. The bath and shower cabinet was made in white polyester, and through a glazed atrium there is contact with the ground floor. To achieve this a square cutout was made in the ancient ceiling of the underlying space. The sides of this opening was coated with mirrors through which the light is optimally reflected downwards.
What once was a dark house with small rooms, now is an oasis of light and space. Hans may read his newspaper at ease in the sun, and Delphine thoroughly enjoys the autumn walk and her garden. Mission accomplished.

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