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House . Slievebawnogue

Clancy Moore Architects . photos: © Alice Clancy . + bdonline


This project involves the construction of two dwellings for a brother and sister. Situated in a disused quarry.

Due to uncertain ground conditions, the houses act as an inhabited bridge, spanning between natural and man made outcrops forming sheds a shared entrance staircase. The houses language derives from the structure necessary to achieve these spans. Internally more intimate living spaces and bedrooms occur in a lower, north-facing wing. Taller living spaces address the south. The form of the two dwellings closes the quarry to create a shared communal garden room overlooked by a long verandah and the living rooms.

Main Contractor: Allagour Construction
Timber Subcontractor: Hathew O’Halley Timber Construction
Engineer: Malcolm Jacobs
2008 – 2012, Dublin.

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