Mika Tajima

Negative Entropy (Langhorne Carpet Mill, single) . 2012

+ Eleven Rivington

The series of woven wall works, also titled Negative Entropy, are acoustic portraits of either aging factories that employ industrial textile Jacquard looms (an early precursor to digital technology) or server colocation centers that comprise today’s outsourced data infrastructure…
The reverse spray enameled acrylic objects that comprise the Furniture Art series in the exhibition are transparent shells that contain blooming paint mists made solid on its interior surface. Each piece in this ambient painting series is subtitled by a geographic location—Medillin, Kuala Lumpur, Osaka, Sainte-Honorine-des-Pertes—drawing on the psychogeographic associations produced by the affective names of industrial colors and paints. Furniture Art refers to Erik Satie’s Furniture Music (Musique d’ameublement)—a series of infinitely repetitive compositions meant to be background music for different occasions (aural decor). Spray paint is where solid substance meets air.
Eleven Rivington

Negative Entropy (Pennsylvania Wire Works, single)

Furniture Art (Los Angeles, 2) . 2011

Furniture Art (Loreto) . 2013