Beny Wagner

Invisible Measure . 2013

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With Invisible Measure, Beny Wagner addresses a series of moments throughout history and in the present that function (or have functioned) as IT. The exhibited works take as a starting point the shift brought about by the invention of Plexiglas, a material which, for the first time, created transparency without the compromise of fragility. When Plexiglas was invented in Germany in 1933, it was immediately put to military use. Today’s inheritors of the Plexiglas patent – while proud of their product’s optimization of our ability to see – are keen to obscure its genesis. This occluded truth is the catalyst for the exhibition’s meditation on how our understanding of transparency has radically changed our compulsion for clarity of vision…
The film Invisible Measure (2013) is a reflection on the ideology that attended the increasing uptake of glass in early 20th Century architecture. Its voice-over borrows from Paul Scheerbart, a writer and poet who authored the influential book Glass Architecture in 1914.
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