KAMOI MUSEUM . Kurashiki

TNA . photos: © Daici Ano

There is an masking tape factory in business for 90 years in Kurashiki , famous old industrial city in west Japan. This building was two stories in the factory, and has eight big holes for stirring the paste of the tape from the second floor.

But now, there is no landscape of former factory. But there are only holes.We get rid of block masonry walls and roof of the factory-specific to cut the connection with skeleton. Then, one white pillar built in each hole of the second floor, and float a big white roof. This way of building is neither a “reduction”, nor an“ extension”. It’s not a plan just to save old buildings, it is not a plan to reproduce. This factory is variously used as a museum to know history of the factory, a dining room, a rest room, and a conference room of the company employee in the factory. From the factory to create an adhesive as an industrial product, it is converted to the building which acts as an adhesive of a person.
As a place to deal with combustible material, this factory has a sturdy skeleton. In site of the factory it has strong relationship with the ground. Attitude to the surrounding environment is similar to the relationship between nature and architecture. Make a delicate relationship neither assimilation nor opposition to factory grounds. In the “site” of existing reinforced concrete pillars and beams, new pillars and roof of steel is in contact with the same distance from the edge of the skeleton, atrium, pillars section, and beam depth.

Principal use: museum
Location: Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture
Completion date: January, 2012
Structure: steel
Total floor area: 369.07㎡
Site area: 23,998.45㎡