Rojkind Arquitectos

Portal of Awareness . Mexico City

Rojkind Arquitectos . photos: @ Jaime Navarro . + contemporist

This portal, conceived through spatial design, activated by the city dwellers and the everyday stimuli of Mexico City’s lile, becomes a new public piece in one ol Ihe cily’s most imporlanl avenues, Paseo de la Reforma.


Nescafé comissioned 8 artists (Francisco Serrano, Mario Schjetnan, Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Fernanda Canales, Manuel Cervantes, Alejandro Quintanilla and Alejandro Caslro) to develop specilic installations with Ihe basic requirement ol utilizing a maximum oi 1500 metal coffee mugs. Combining a common everyday life object, a mug, with a basic common architectural construction material, rebar, the idea ot a portal takes place.
The final shape ol the portal, along with the different colors ol the mugs selected, reinforce the sense ol movement ol the piece, which plays a key role in the concept of Ihe project.
The play ol the shadow’s patterns casled on the sidewalk add an extra layer that shifts throughout the day.
This installation provides a space of expression and interaction in the public realm.

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