laura alvarez architecture

Cultural Centre . Northwich

source: laura alvarez architecture

The proposed site is part of a new development area that will regenerate the BaronԳ Quay of Northwich. It faces the river Weaver and will be part of a cultural/leisure pedestrian street.
We propose a building that not only approaches the water but reaches out onto it. It will make the transition between the busy commercial street and the quiet riverside – it will be the new balcony of the city.
The space liberated by this action will give rise to a new square that will function as an anteroom for the building and will host cultural activities.
The theatre element of the design brief requires a large volume, determining the size of the future building. We celebrate this scale and do not try to disguise it, only softening its effect by breaking the mass in the upper floors.
We propose a very compact building. The compactness promotes the interaction between the different cultural roles. It allows the visitor to discover all of the possible cultural manifestations inherent in the building, and in doing so invites them to return and enjoy the other facilities.
This cultural promenade overlaps and connects all activities, helping the visitor to discover the different functions while creating a strong relationship with the context


program | Cultural Centre, International Competition
location | Northwich [GB]
client | Northwich Regenerator PartnershipԳ
collaborator | Mark Smyth
area | 5000 m2
design | 2008