TED Building . Taipei

source: BIG
The 43.000 m2 conference center is consolidated into a 57x57x57 m3 cube of program permeated by a public trajectory for urban life.

BIG TEK Competition Entry from Brooklyn Digital Foundry on Vimeo.

TED contains an almost urban mix of programs with no obvious hierarchy. We propose to organize the shops and showrooms, offices and hotelrooms, conference rooms and exhibition spaces, restaurants and galleries along an internal extension of the pedestrianized street to the south. To remain within the site and the maximum building volume, the public street is coiled up in an ascending spiral leading from the ground floor to the roof garden. The spiraling street of media programs is consolidated into a 57x57x57m3 cube of program permeated by a public trajectory of people life. The cube is finished in concrete lamellas serving as solar shading as well as public access. The lamellas recede inwards forming a generous public staircase allowing the public to walk into the façade and all the way to the roof. At the roof of the cube, the trajectory expands forming a big informal public arena. All restaurants on the penthouse floor open to the arena making it a natural gathering point for Taipei teenagers for social hangout and informal performances.