Dellekamp Arquitectura

Ordos 100 . Villa 14

photos: Dellekamp . video
Diseñamos un contenedor que lo alberga todo en su interior y su forma tiene la simplicidad de una sola línea que forma una elipse. El propósito del proyecto es mostrar este monolito que define la relevancia urbana del lote que ocupa. Una superficie sin interrupción creada por ladrillo gris y ventanas rectangulares curvas separan claramente el interior del exterior, mientras que el vidrio de las ventanas refleja los alrededores como si estuvieran enmarcados. Las áreas de servicio y de circulación están concentradas en el centro


A container that holds everything with the simplicity of the single line that conforms an ellipse.
A clear object that shows the mass of the program as a statement of ownership to the site.
A free standing structure contained in a continuous form that allows free flow of the open space.
A monolith that clearly suggest the urban relevance of this lot as an entrance to the 100 Villa Compound.
A surface, uninterrupted, created by grey brick and curved glass that strongly defines the interior from the exterior while it projects framed reflections of the surroundings.
A cloister that opens strategically, looking for the right amount of sun, light and views.
A central gathering of service areas as well as vertical circulations.
A single window and door with a height of 2.00m with three sizes that have the sameproportion as the three sides of a brick(1×2,4×2,8×2)
A single proportion for the pieces.
A unity repeated through space and time.

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