Wiel Arets Architects

V Tower . Eindhoven

source: Wiel Arets Architects . photos: Christian Richters Photography . more: archdaily

The V tower is part of the Flightforum in Eindhoven, an industrial park to an urban plan by MVRDV. It is based on six clusters dropped loosely into the landscape and accessed from a looping road, a branch connection of the A2. The tower, which contains offices, is situated in cluster 1 where all buildings with office functions are concentrated. The site is cut across its full length by a parking garage whose roof creates a platform for a second urban level, which even contains a bus line. Continue reading Wiel Arets Architects


Wiel Arets

H House . Maastricht

photos: João Morgado . archdaily

Made for a couple, the H-House is located in a leafy area of Maastricht. The clients are a dancer and an actor, as well as landscape architects. Behind the site is a garden, which is occasionally opened to the public. The interior is primarily a single loft like space with a central mezzanine. Two smaller independent volumes – entrance and bathroom – are adjacent to this main volume. Continue reading Wiel Arets

Wiel Arets Architect & Associates

University library + rotation building . Duisburg

photos: Wiel Arets

Positioned at the interface between city and university centre two new compact solitaires establish an independent scale and spatial structure within their heterogonous proximity. The outspoken vertical and horizontal gesture of the volumes results in an iconographic complex, whose presence goes far beyond the immediate context. In addition the reciprocal prelude of both city and campus is labelled and rises to the occasion. As yet the functional aesthetic of the seventies left its mark on the character of the entire campus. Accordingly the infrastructure of the public space is more subject to rational than to atmospheric principals. Continue reading Wiel Arets Architect & Associates