Domus Avinyó . barcelona

vora . Domus Avinyó . barcelona (1)

vora . photos: © adrià goula

The discovery of a Roman site inside a municipal administrative building (the remains of a Domus located next to the ramparts), made necessary this project of suitability so that it could be visited in a compatible way with the current use of the building. Continue reading vora


estudi08014 . vora

passatges | bellvitge gornal connectivity . l’Hospitalet

estudi08014 + vora arquitectura (pere buil, toni riba)

We propose to unify the neighborhoods Bellvitge and Gornal currently separated by the railway tracks taking the existing bridges as the main items of the intervention by transforming them into versatile infrastructures able to accommodate uses, turning them into streets and recycling them into buildings. Continue reading estudi08014 . vora



doctor surgery . paüls

vora . photos: © adrià goula

the doctor surgery is a small building integrated into the fabric of the village. the project defines an access path that atorgues serenity and calm until being attended by a doctor. rather than an object to admire from the outside has to be a place from which to look and feel, through the mountains with visual relationship with the landscape. to connect the patient with the welfare, with that stable thing that has always been at his side. Continue reading Vora


vora arquitectura

Comercio portátil en el Auditori . Barcelona

vora arquitectura . fotos: © Adrià Goula

El Auditori de Barcelona requería de un soporte físico para la venta puntual y efímera de productos culturales, con la implantación variable por los distintos vestíbulos del edificio.
Una tienda flexible, desmontable y transportable, que se configura en base a la agregación variable de armarios y mamparas móviles y plegables.
Las mamparas definen una esfera interior en áreas de gran tamaño y forman un objeto reconocible desde el exterior. Los armarios son expositor y almacenamiento al mismo tiempo.
Ambos mamparas y armarios se pliegan en diferentes posiciones, lo que permite múltiples formas de agregación y configuraciones espaciales. Continue reading vora arquitectura