Van Duysen

VDV Residence . HASSELT

Van Duysen . VDV Residence . HASSELT (1)

Vincent Van Duysen . photos: © Alberto Piovano . + divisare

Designed in 1999, this house is a tribute to local brick as a building material. This house seems to be sculpted out of terracotta, with chunks cut out of the mass revealing the same material.
The use of a proper traditional red brick could also be considered as an attempt to ‘fit in’ with the neighbours in this typical suburban street in a small Flanders’ village. But if the choice of the external material is befitting for the single family home, the geometry and complexity of the internal layouts and the choice of the internal surfaces do not. Continue reading Van Duysen


Vincent Van Duysen

DD residence . Waregem

Vincent Van Duysen . DD residence . Waregem (1)

Vincent Van Duysen Architects . photos: © Vincent Van Duysen Architects . + archilovers

The project is located in a park in Waregem, West Flanders . On the property an existing estate and a small farm house are located each on one side of a remaining enclosed meadow in the park. The project encompasses the building of a contemporary single family residence at the other side of the meadow , a house that optimizes the spatial value of the plot / quality of the park in combination with a private feeling for the owners. The new project, located at the outer end of the plot combines an optimal orientation with a protected feel versus the street and a direct relation with the park garden. Continue reading Vincent Van Duysen


Van Duysen

BA Residence . WILRIJK

Van Duysen . BA Residence . WILRIJK (1)

Vincent Van Duysen Architects . photos: © Koen Van Damme . + divisare

Brick in its purest form.
Consideration of the highly residential character of the neighborhood and beautiful protected trees on the site were key influences to how the client’s brief was met. The architectural concept was developed around these parameters with traditional modernist references found in Mies Van Der Rohe’s Krefeld Villa’s or the brick residences of local Antwerpen architect Nachman Kaplansky. Continue reading Van Duysen