TEd’A arquitectes

The project of the new Llubí Municipal Kindergarten is planned within the outskirt, where the urban fabric of row houses begins to leak and there are some exceptions to this system. We are in an ambiguous situation, between the continuous row houses typology and the autonomous isolated buildings. In response to this special situation, the project takes place with an implementation that starts from the traditional system of row houses but generates a series of empty spaces that respond to the surrounding exceptionalities. Continue reading TEd’A



Can Guillem i Na Cati . Montuïri

TEd´A . Can Guillem i Na Cati . Montuïri (1)

TEd´A arquitectes

The first preoccupation we had was to find the proper position for the building and the space freed up by it. To adjust the balance between house and yard, to understand that one and other are complementary. One is not the residual space of the other, nor vice versa. But the occupied and the free spaces feed each other back. To reformulate the patio as a traditional typology. To discover the passing yard as a transformation of the usual central yard. To incorporate the yard-street as a variation which serves all the rooms in the house. Continue reading TEd´A


TEd’A . Maccari Carrera


TEd’A . Maccari Carrera . CREMATORIUM . THUN (1)

TEd’A arquitectes . Maccari Carrera architects . renders: © Filippo Bolognese

The project solves the whole program for the phase I (crematorium) and the phase II (maintenance building) in the first priority perimeter.
The new Thun crematorium building and the parking areas are placed in the plots 961 and 778 (the only ones which are property of the Cemetery). Continue reading TEd’A . Maccari Carrera