The Blend Inn . Osaka

Tato . The Blend Inn . Osaka (1)

Tato Architects . photos: © Shinkenchiku sha

Whenever I design a new building, I think about making something that will lead to a rediscovery of the town’s unique charms. Not far from the city, this hotel, favored by many artists and others, who are attracted by the somewhat rustic and free ambience, is located in a neighborhood with a diverse and pleasant atmosphere. The proprietor, who fell in love with the area, and an artist friend of his came up with the initial plan for the hotel. But after purchasing the land, it proved difficult to raise the finances to erect a new building, bringing the project to a standstill. But then a local real-estate firm, which was involved in looking for land, suggested that it construct a building on the property that could be rented by the proprietor and used as a hotel. Inspired by this plan, the firm anticipated that the hotel would lead people to rediscover the neighborhood. Continue reading Tato


Tato . Phorm

House in Hamilton . Brisbane

Tato . Phorm . House in Hamilton . Brisbane (1)

Tato Architects . Phorm Architecture and Design . photos: © Christopher Frederick Jones . + ArchitectureAU

Brisbane is a young city. It is a suburban place, dominated by its topography and reliant on our distinct timber vernacular houses to frame its identity – cultural touchstones. It is our contention that in terms of type, tectonic and relationship to terrain, ‘House in Hamilton’ belongs decidedly to the architectural genus ‘Queenslander’. Continue reading Tato . Phorm