Sergison Bates

Care Home . Wingene

Sergison Bates . Care Home . Wingene (1)

Sergison Sergison Bates Architects . photos: © Kristien Daem . + divisare

Care home providing 135 residential rooms, 10 short-stay rooms and five assisted living apartments for couples within a three-storey building surrounded by open gardens and courtyards. The building also incorporates a day-care centre and community facilities providing services and activities for non-residents. Continue reading Sergison Bates


Sergison Bates . Thys Vermeulen

Pilootproject Zorg . Kortrijk

Sergison Bates . Thys Vermeulen . Pilootproject Zorg . Kortrijk (1)

Sergison Bates architects . Studio Thys Vermeulen

Masterplan en nieuwbouw voor de uitbreiding van zorgcampus De Korenbloem met 90 zorgbedden, dienstencentrum, dagcentrum, dagcentra voor dementie en jong-dementie te Kortrijk. Project kadert in de procedure Pilootprojecten Zorg opgezet door Minister Van Deurzen en Vlaams Bouwmeester om vernieuwende zorgprojecten te ontwikkelen. Continue reading Sergison Bates . Thys Vermeulen


Sergison Bates

SBa Pencil Tower . Chicago

© Sergison Bates architects

Sergison Bates architects

Our contribution to Vertical City, the large-scale installation in the Sidney R. Yates Hall of the Chicago Cultural Centre is one of sixteen five-metre-tall contemporary iterations of the 1922 Chicago Tribune Tower design contest.
The original competition, a landmark in the history of architecture, required participants to submit renderings in perspective, while the 2017 edition includes sixteen models in the form of large-scale installations. Continue reading Sergison Bates