OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

OFFICE is currently working on a mixed-use project for Yale Union, a Portland, Oregon (US) based contemporary art centre. Located on a seismic active zone, the existing brick buildings built in the early 1900’s prove to become structurally insufficient for today’s standards, and will need a so-called ‘seismic upgrade’. A new tower, containing a series of flexible rentable spaces as apartments, offices and artist studios, will provide both structural and financial support to the renovation of the existing complex. Under the new volume, a large outdoor space open towards the street defines a new public interface for the complex: a room for Yale Union.



Incubator . WAREGEM

OFFICE . Incubator . WAREGEM (1)

OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen . photos: © Bas Princen . divisare

This building, commissioned by the Provincial Development Company of West-Flanders, will provide rentable working and production spaces for four young companies in various fields of work. It is the only common building of the allotment of private companies and thus needs to express that position. For that reason, the building is at once very ‘box-like’ and archetypical but also elegant and refined, to set an example of economy of means and public engagement. Continue reading OFFICE




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Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen . + divisare

The design for a 1000 m2 residence is reduced to the design of just one component, a room: a rectangular space with four entrances and no prescribed function. The room receives its individual character only through its ceiling height and its relative position in the house. Twenty-four identical rooms are organised over three storeys, each time forming an enfilade around a central atrium. Because the building is sunken into the ground, only the top storey can be seen in the residential neighbourhood, like the tip of an iceberg. The inner garden is the actual outdoor space of the house, which tempers the harsh climate. All of the rooms are oriented to this sheltered interior garden. Two flights of stairs, which stand in the middle of the room like a piece of furniture, provide the connection between the storeys. The luxurious aspect of this residence is not in an extravagant form or use of materials, but in the abundance of spaces. The enigmatic 25th room on the roof is for the attendant: a lookout post on a thick wall. Continue reading Office