David Chipperfield

New Folkwang Museum . Essen 

source: David Chipperfield . Folkwang Museum . photos: Christian Richters .more: flickr

The Museum Folkwang, founded in Hagen by Karl Ernst Osthaus in 1902, was the first museum of contemporary art in Europe. The most significant works were transferred from Hagen to Essen in 1922, from which point on, aside from a period when the National Socialists temporarily divested the collection, the museum was able to pursue a high level of collecting activity. Today, it is one of the most high profile museums of the classic modern in Germany. Continue reading David Chipperfield


David Chipperfield Architects

M9 cultural pole . Venice

source: David Chipperfield Architects . m9museum . Photos: Dario Flores D’Arcais
Alberto Parise . Model: ORCH/orsenigo_chemollo

the project aims to create a new Arts Precinct and thereby reconfigure the city of Mestre, from north to south, through a series of clear, simple interventions. The courtyard of the existing building will be covered with a new independent roof, to create a sheltered piazza; a new autonomous building will include an interior atrium-passageway; Continue reading David Chipperfield Architects