RCR . Baumschlager-Eberle

Ille Seguin Cultural Centre . Paris

Cultural Centre

RCR Arquitectes . Baumschlager-Eberle . renders: © Berga&González architects . + emerige

RCR arquitectes are developing a new project in the city of Paris. The project is located in the Ille Seguin, currently unused since the closure of the old Renault factory that occupied the site. It will house a multidisciplinary cultural center, a multiplex cinema and a hotel. Continue reading RCR . Baumschlager-Eberle


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Chilestieg . Rümlang

baumschlager eberle . Chilestieg . Rümlang (1)

baumschlager eberle . photos: archphoto, inc. © baumschlager eberle

The residential development at Chilestieg in Rümlang Switzerland looks like a set of shim- mering crystals embedded in lush green surroundings. The planning approach adopted by baumschlager eberle reveals a sensitive response to the structures in the vicinity. The hexagonal layout of the buildings and the façades of galvanized sheet steel give the three multi-family dwellings a striking appearance on a site bounded by mature trees. The three or four-storey dwellings comprise a total of 41 apartments. Continue reading baumschlager eberle


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Le Tonkin . Dieppe

baumschlager eberle .  Le Tonkin . Dieppe  (1)

baumschlager eberle . Bernhardt Curk Architectes . photos: archphoto inc. © baumschlager eberle

The building on Quai du Tonkin at Dieppe Port is set to make a real contribution to the local community and, according to the town’s mayor, Sébastien Jumel, become the centrepiece in the “big jigsaw that is the south of Dieppe”. The architects of baumschlager eberle, together with Bernhardt Curk Architectes, have worked to develop an architectural design that reflects its location and context. Continue reading baumschlager eberle