Álvaro Siza

Urban Renewal . Salemi

Álvaro Siza . Urban Renewal . Salemi

Álvaro Siza Vieira . photos: © Roberto Collová . + detail

In 1968, the Sicilian town of Salemi was deva­stated by an earthquake. After many years, it was possible to reorganize the urban spatial structure by redesigning the network of routes and creating new stairs and passageways. The measures ranged from laying various forms of paving to the installation of a uniform system of street furniture. The focus of the project is the main town square where the cathedral once stood. The ruined church was not rebuilt. It was integrated into a new stage-like public space to which the apse now forms a backdrop. The platform that was once the cathedral floor has been repaved, and the positions of the former columns are marked by plinth stones. Individual columns were re-erected as points of reference. Continue reading Álvaro Siza