Dancing Density . Europan 12 . MARLY

Runner-Up . design team: Alessandro PRETOLANI, Filippo PAMBIANCO, Davide LORENZATO, Andrea SPERANDIO . Europan

The town of Marly is a relevant evidence of urban development possibilities characteristic of many middle-sized centers in Switzerland. Dancing density project for Marly provides both an ad hoc solution as well as a methodology applicable to similar sites. Aim of the project is precisely finding a solution to the present situation, and at the same time promoting a sustainable city planning in the long-term. Continue reading PRETOLANI . PAMBIANCO . LORENZATO . SPERANDIO



Tokyo Replay Center competition

R+S (Ricardo Conde Sousa, Sofia Paradela De Oliveira) . + ArchMedium

This competition aim was to develop a new leisure center in central Tokyo that should fit within the lifestyle of the Japanese society while at the same time, creating a complex with numerous private media rooms (similar to the widespread karaoke rooms) where groups of friends can go to see old anime, to watch classic films, or to play video games in a private setting where they can feel comfortable. Continue reading R+S


Lantieri . Lugli

Holds Up . Berlin

Francesca Lantieri . Jacopo Lugli . teachers: Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge . Sam Chermayeff . Dessau Institute of Architecture

Berlin is a unique capital because of its interesting hystory.
_ the research
Also its developement is linked to it. After the wall fall it is totally reinvented itself: all the emprty plots and buildings have been occupied by the citizen to create informal activities for the public use. This is really unique and it represents the real spirit of this city. the situation is going to change and Berlin identity will disapper soon.
Continue reading Lantieri . Lugli