Lantieri . Lugli

Holds Up . Berlin

Francesca Lantieri . Jacopo Lugli . teachers: Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge . Sam Chermayeff . Dessau Institute of Architecture

Berlin is a unique capital because of its interesting hystory.
_ the research
Also its developement is linked to it. After the wall fall it is totally reinvented itself: all the emprty plots and buildings have been occupied by the citizen to create informal activities for the public use. This is really unique and it represents the real spirit of this city. the situation is going to change and Berlin identity will disapper soon.
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Balanzategui . Loisier

Intervenciones en el espacio público . hondarribia

autores: txomin balanzategui & thomas loisier

En Francia, el espacio publico no es lugar de exploración, jamás interrogado, no propone real experiencia al par del recorrido. La mirada que lleva el arquitecto sobre lo que pudiera ser el espacio publico tiene que evolucionar. Continue reading Balanzategui . Loisier


Kwiecień . Zhongtian

Roofscape / Escape . 69.70 competition

design team: Agnieszka Kwiecień . Chris Zhongtian Yuan . 69.70

Plot 69 and 70 are two typical American city blocks that are filled with mostly com­mercial, mixed-use buildings, and few cultural buildings. Many issues of these two plots represent the problematic public space-making in American urban landscape: lack of urban, public areas; disconnections between buildings; rigidity of the American zoning system, etc.
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