Monaco . Miccoli

CONVIVIUM – New Sociality Spaces for Verziano’s Penitentiary . Brescia

Monaco . Miccoli . CONVIVIUM - New Sociality Spaces for Verziano’s Penitentiary . Brescia (1)

Maria Vittoria Monaco . Riccardo Miccoli

This work was born as the conclusion of a thesis project and it aims to design a new sociality space inside Verziano Prison, Italy. A place able to host the daily inmates activities related to consumption of food and common meal preparation, but also workshops and training courses. The lack of sociality spaces whitin italian penitentiary structures, forces the prisoners to use their few square meters cells as room, bathroom, kitchen at the same time. Our purpose is to increase sociality and treatment spaces, making them accessible to inmates during daylight hours. The project also involved the requalification of the green area: the perimetral concrete wall, main physical and visual limit, circumscribes a new outdoor path which connects an horticulture area, sports and affection areas.
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Ciabatti . Asenova

Urban Factory

Ciabatti . Asenova . Urban Factory (1)

Sasa Ciabatti . Bilyana Asenova . + NON ARCHITECTURE

By tradition, manufacturing has been thought to be a process that turns raw materials into physical products, and the factory, in managing fragmented communications protocols and automation practices, is the structure where manufacturing happens. Today, drivers such as technology, sustainability, optimization and the need to meet customer demands have once again encouraged the transformation of the manufacturing industry, to become adaptive, fully connected and even cognizant of its own power quality. Continue reading Ciabatti . Asenova