BBP brewery . Brussels

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OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Office KGDVS wins brewery 2.0, an architecture competition to install a XXIst century brewery, with a capacity of 35.000 hectoliters, the equivalent of 10 million bottles per year. All of its production, including the permanent beers brewed so far by its brewing partner, will be brought back to Brussels, while the Dansaert microbrewery, which focuses on ephemeral beers, will also be kept to focus further on experimentation. Continue reading OFFICE



Municipal Archives . Felanitx

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AULETS . photos: © José Hevia

The plot is part of the historic centre of Felanitx. This is a place built by overlapping plots, patios, terraces and walls, a legacy that remains in the plot as part of the material history of the building and the city. In the same way, the building is a sequence of constructions and materials that gathers together within it the construction systems of the territory of Mallorca. Continue reading AULETS



South Moravian Village . Božice

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ORA . photos: © Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice

The task was clear: Design for us a contemporary country house.

We began by exploring the concept of a contemporary Moravian village. Today, the definition of a rural house in Czechia seems to be ambiguous. Within a village, nobody pays attention to the historical and settlement context anymore. We think that Czech and Moravian village experiences one of the largest urban planning crises in history. Our aim was to show that a country house should not act as an urban villa placed carelessly in the middle of the estate, a phenomenon common for most of today’s projects. Continue reading ORA