herzog & de meuron

beirut terraces . beirut

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herzog & de meuron . photos: © Iwan Baan . + divisare

The city of Beirut lies in the heart of the developing Middle East. Having always been a cosmopolitan city, it is a focal point of the region as a cultural and geographical link between Europe and the Middle East. The history of Beirut could hardly be more diverse; remains of Phoenician, Roman, Mamluk, Ottoman and Colonial rule have shaped the city and its buildings. The design of Beirut Terraces was quite literally influenced by the layers of the city’s rich and tumultuous history. Continue reading herzog & de meuron


Titus Bernhard

Haus H . Munich

Titus Bernhard . Haus H . Munich (1)

Titus Bernhard Architekten . photos: © Jens Weber

Within the framework of a heterogeneous villa construction and restrictive site occupancy indexes and floor space ratios in the south of Munich, “Haus H” completely exploits all parameters and radiates friendliness to its surroundings.
The L-shaped site develops generously as a free floor plan in the spirit of the classical villa tradition from the north-east as a frame, but nevertheless as a gesture of openness around the site and its garden. In the process, the villa follows the guiding theme of “stacked cubes”, playing freely with a Jura-clad ground floor and brightly plastered offset units in the upper floor. Continue reading Titus Bernhard