Sunnyside Up . Sunnyside Garden

photos: SO – IL
Roofs are underused in New York City. Garden City Roofs, a startup company catering to a growing need for technical expertise and access to green roof systems, is converting the unused roof of a large industrial building into a showroom and knowledge-center for green roof systems. SO – IL has been asked to evaluate access, device an allotment system for the various roof systems and design a sales- and learning center. The factory building – once home to the production of typewriter ribbons and currently housing a gym and billiards hall – is located along the train tracks in Sunnyside Gardens, Queens under a la Guardia airstrip.

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Lawn house . Prototype

photos: altro_studio

This project is an bio-compatible mobile house, characterized by still structure with envelope in plastic transparent panels (1,2mm depth). The “tray” system of the envelope allow the placement of the thin earth layer (3 cm) blocked by still grate. Over the envelope we think to put rolled lawn system (60 cm x 3,00 m).
The trapezoidal shape allows a good water drainage system and to hold the lawn over the structure. The rolled lawn represents a good insulating material system and very good natural integration with the landscape. Continue reading altro_studio