photos: ONOFFICE

When Wallpaper asked us to design a house, our immediate impulse was to design an idealistic, conceptual house, on an unrealistic site.
Our process quickly reminded us that we needed a real site and a real client with real demands to instruct the design. So we hit the streets to find an overlap between the Wallpaper assignment and a potential project. We finally found a plot, just around Ihe comer from our office, with a client interested in a similar project. Continue reading ONOFFICE

Heneghan Peng architects

V&A’s Boilerhouse Yard . London

photos: Heneghan Peng architects

Invited to present concept designs for a hypothetical redevelopment of the V&Aʼs Boilerhouse Yard. The designs, comprising architectural models and plans are asked to respond to a brief to create temporary exhibition space below ground and a courtyard at street level off Exhibition Road.

At the urban level, a continuous carpet links Exhibition Road, Boilerhouse Yard and Madejski Gardens. A “sandwich” floor with a domed construction, below the yard reconciles the various level of the buildings that surround the Boiler House Yard whilst accommodating the peripheral spaces and services to the temporary exhibition below. Continue reading Heneghan Peng architects