Mansilla+Tuñón Arquitectos

M9 Museum . Venice

source: m9museum . Mansilla+Tuñón Arquitectos . model photos: Fondazione di Venezia . ORCH/orsenigo_chemollo

M9 is situated in the heart of Mestre. Its strategic position requires an intervention which will act as a catalyst, optimize, and give life back to the whole area in order to transform Mestre into a modern city capable of reinventing itself as the capital of a vast metropolitan area.
Just as master perfume makers create their scents combining plant and flower essences so that by opening the bottles their fragrance is diffused and invades the area around it, projecting Acqua Veneta we have composed sixteen “bottles” to contain the exhibitions which will display in a fresh way and with transparency the radical changes which the residents of the Veneto have made possible both socially, culturally and economically in the last century. The “bottles”, with their necks open to the ground allow exchange, the entrance of people and ideas. Continue reading Mansilla+Tuñón Arquitectos


Javier F Contreras . Dingting Chen

Europan 10 . The curious incident of the flower towers . Bottrop

origen: gracias a Javier Fernández Contreras


1. New equipments. Bottrop ground floor plan will resemble the one Nolli made for Rome a few centuries ago. And precisely that is the spirit of the whole intervention: a city that can be walked lineally -following the street pattern – or crossed transversally -going through the equipments – . Continue reading Javier F Contreras . Dingting Chen



WU Executive Academy . Wien

source: NO.MAD

The educational and department units condense by specialities onto compact vertical structures with independent access. These generic volumes find an optimal position in the campus guided by urban estructure lines and adpating their form to relationships between the program, accessibility and the landscape around. Public programs face the main campus squares while seminars and departments localize on the top and intermediate floors opening towards the Prater, the old city and the Danube through relaxing exogenous spaces. This complex geometry defines the structural elements allowing generous glass surfaces performing light and thermal control devices. The internal spaces amplify the geometric potential with a filtering system of window behaviours relating their size and position to the students flux and activity. Continue reading NO.MAD

Tetsuo Kondo Architects .Transsolar

Cloudscapes . Biennale 2010

photos: Réka Simó . source: Cloudscapes . Tetsuo Kondo Architects . video: baunetz.tv

Clouds are important elements of our atmosphere, framing outdoor space and filtering sunlight. They are the visible part of the terrestrial water cycle, carrying water— the source of life—from the oceans to the land. Clouds find balance within stable equilibria and naturally sustain themselves, embodying and releasing solar energy. The ability to touch, feel, and walk through the clouds is a notion drawn from many of our fantasies. Gazing out of airplane windows, high above the earth, we often daydream of what it might be like to live in this ethereal world of fluffy vapor.  Continue reading Tetsuo Kondo Architects .Transsolar