DHV Architects

Sustainability Centre Foundation . Afsluitdijk

photos: DHV

The sustainability centre is projected on the Afsluitdijk as an infrastructural instrument for realising sustainability. The design addresses the unique qualities of the dike, improves them and makes them visible and accessible. The design consists of a floating structure which adjoins the infrastructure at Breezanddijk. The entire programme has been incorporated into the fully flexible floating structure. Continue reading DHV Architects


Zaha Hadid Architecs

Dance and Music Center . The Hague

photos: denhaag

Architectural Design Concept
Zaha Hadid architects initlal approach for the design of the new Dance and Music Centre in The Hague originates from an understandig of the urban dynamics and relationship of the site with its immedíate surroundings, the Spuiplein and its relation with the Nieu-wekerk. Continue reading Zaha Hadid Architecs