Steven Holl Architects

T gallery space . New York

source: archdaily . Steven Holl Architects . photos: Susan Wides

On a four acre site in Dutchess County, New York, a new wooden “T” space sits near a stone “U” house from 1952, which has a steel “L” addition from 2001.
The new gallery floats over the natural landscape. It has nine steel columns and nine elevations, all integrated via proportions of 1:1.618. Continue reading Steven Holl Architects


Pedevilla Architekten

Town Hall . Feldthurns

source: Pedevilla Architekten

Two separate volumes accord perfectly with the proportions of the surrounding buildings. The contemporary architecture, with its clear style and clean lines, avoids any historical imitation, whilst the use of mineral plaster is pleasantly reminiscent of traditional Alpine buildings. The roofs appear as traditional Alpine gable roofs. The Town hall is located at the square´s most public location, the public service building offers public and private facilities. Continue reading Pedevilla Architekten

magalhães . soares . vergueiro

Olympic museum competition . Athens

source: courtesy of filipe magalhães . ana luisa soares . andré vergueiro

It would be tempting, and almost mandatory, to elect the acropole as the main reference for this project. nevertheless, the origin of the concept considers a larger aproach and interpretation of the city. while looking to athens i retain this image of different blocks: white, monolithic, dynamic, united by the most varied urban networks, showing disconexion and yet visualy united. Continue reading magalhães . soares . vergueiro


dMVA architecten

House BVA . Turnhout

source: courtesy of dMVA architecten . photos: Frederik Vercruysse

Concept: brick as knitting-work

A sore spot in the streetscape is mended by a simple, shallow building-volume consisting of two layers with saddle roof. The pretty closed façade, built in brick, is a response on request of the owners for privacy on street side. The appliance of brick as knitting-work in front of the windows (as if the bricks have been pulled apart), protects against strong sunlight as well as to undesirable views from outside. The building literally turns away from the street. Continue reading dMVA architecten