St Elizabeth Catholic Primary School . Bethnal Green

source: courtesy of Scabal 

SCABAL was appointed to design an ‘after school club’, the School House, in the south east part of the playground of St. Elizabeth Catholic Primary School, Bethnal Green. The school is very successful both because of its high curricular performance and all its social activities. The School House replaces an existing one made of portakabins, as part of the school’s vision for change. Continue reading Scabal


Dreier Frenzel Architecture

Triple Onex

source: Dreier Frenzel Architecture

Cette parcelle généreusement boisée accueille trois villas contiguës et similaires. La façade, qui présente une alternance de parties pleines et vitrées, tend à effacer la limite entre espaces intérieurs et extérieurs. L’influence réciproque de ces deux mondes s’exprime latéralement dans le salon-salle à manger du rez-de-chaussée et frontalement dans les chambres disposées à l’étage Continue reading Dreier Frenzel Architecture


Fantastic Norway

Sirene restaurant . Oslo

source: Fantastic Norway

The restaurant’s placed at the outermost waterfront of Oslo, where the city meets the fjord. The building is designed with a transparent and floating façade, moving and changing along with the rhythm of the sea. The main elements of the building are slim white pillars and semi transparent canvases, inspired by the masts and sails of the boats docked nearby. Continue reading Fantastic Norway