Single-Family house . AUGST

Beer+Merz . Single-Family house . AUGST (1)

Beer+Merz . photos: © Mark Niedermann

Die Erneuerung und Erweiterung eines Doppelhauses, das um 1940 für die Arbeiter des Elektrizitätskraftwerkes Augst gebaut worden war, orientiert sich an den zeitgemässen Bedürfnissen der neuen Bewohner. Trotz der grossen Eingriffe, die für die komplette Sanierung notwendig waren, ist der ursprüngliche Charakter des kleinen Hauses immer noch spürbar. Continue reading Beer+Merz



Workshop Garage . Suzzara

studiospazio . Workshop Garage . Suzzara (1)

studiospazio . photos: © Stefano Graziani

The small building – located in the garden of a semi-detached house – hosts two parking lots and a workshop. It is composed of four large massive wooden panels, which contrast in size with the small scale of the building. They relate to the scale of the surrounding nature and trees. The gabled roof is stacked crosswise on top of the walls with the minimum surface of contact – only one point. This composition avoids the enclosed space and allows the continuity of the garden to be perceived in all directions. Despite its presence, the building doesn’t divide the plot, it rather becomes a device to connect with the neighboring environment. The thin metal pillars inside the workshop stiffen the structure; however they are perceived as furniture due to their proportions. Continue reading studiospazio



Boathouse . FUSSACH

Marte.Marte . Boathouse . FUSSACH (1)

Marte.Marte Architekten . photos: © Bruno Klomfar . + divisare

The compact armour made of aluminium panels opens only at the living room to allow a full-height window onto the canal and the terrace in front, on the south side of the building. A projection on the western side provides a start for a spiral movement, structured like a snails shell, that produces a narrow slit for the staircase. A concealed door hides the entrance to the boat garage and the storeroom under the stairs is a protected narrow grille in the facade. Inside, the chipboard panels on the walls and ceiling are untreated.
The floor, kitchen block and an inserted core with a fireplace and heating System are clad in dark red concrete shuttering panels. The bathroom and the three bedrooms are concealed at the very heart of the building. There is no inflationary use of doors, controlled opening across the diagonal of the living room to a corridor creates long paths of retreat. Continue reading Marte.Marte