Gallery of Furniture . Brno-Vinohrady

CHYBIK+KRISTOF . Gallery of Furniture . Brno-Vinohrady (2)

CHYBIK+KRISTOF . photos: © Lukas Pelech . + archdaily

The transformation of a former car show room on the outskirts of a housing estate into a site of the MY DVA group, focusing on the production of office, school and metal furniture, represents another finished structure of the young architecture firm CHYBIK + KRISTOF Architects & Urban Designers from Brno. The single-storey building of a poor aesthetic quality turned into a building with a new, easily remembered façade composed of more than 900 black plastic seats. The façade is conceived abstractly, functioning also as a banner advert for the firm itself. After finishing a simple refurbishment of its interior, a new flexible showroom was created presenting the individual segments of the firm´s production in specific, thematically arranged settings. Continue reading CHYBIK+KRISTOF



Cabaña Z . Tapia de Casariego

VIOR . Cabaña Z . Tapia de Casariego (1)

VIOR arquitectura . fotos: © Roi Alonso Padín . + plataforma arquitectura

La propuesta comenzó con el deseo de los clientes de realizar una vivienda vacacional lo más extremadamente económica posible. El programa era sencillo, dos plantas diáfanas exceptuando los aseos, donde las áreas de descanso se solucionarían disponiendo camas o literas en los espacios abiertos. Una forma de vivir y relacionarse muy específica. Continue reading VIOR