Duggan Morris

King’s Cross office building . London

duggan morris . king’s cross office building . london (1)

Duggan Morris Architects . photos: © Jack Hobhouse . + dezeen

Since 2001, Argent have planned, managed and delivered the regeneration of King’s Cross – one of the most significant urban development projects in the UK. The 67 acre site has a rich history and a unique setting. With a master plan designed by Allies & Morrison in collaboration with Porphyrios Associates, the proposals for R7 have been developed through a progressive process of consultations between Argent, the officers of London Borough of Camden and other relevant stakeholders and local bodies. Continue reading Duggan Morris


Nieto Sobejano


© Roland Halbe

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos . + divisare

The Barceló Market area in Madrid includes public spaces, temporary buildings, and installations belonging to a same complex. Its multiple denomination -market/sports center/library- speaks of collective engagement and reveals the social condition of the program: a compact market topped by a sports pavilion framing the city, in front of which a cantilevered library rises above a schoolyard. Continue reading Nieto Sobejano