Bethanien | Deaconry Building . Zürich

e2a . bethanien  deaconry building . zürich (1)

e2a Eckert Eckert . photos: © Georg Aerni . © Rasmus Norlander

The plane-like building volume can be interpreted as a solitary gesture. The orthogonal form of the plane plays off of the typologies present in the surrounding urban fabric, which is characterized by manufacturing plants. The diagonal relationships resulting from this strategy create the basis for the structure of the exterior spaces. Continue reading e2a



JustK . Tübingen

AMUNT . JustK . Tübingen (0 2)

AMUNT . photos: © Brigida González . + archdaily

This 365 square-metre site is located in Tübingen; on a south-facing slope with a view over the city and of Tübingen castle. The 1960s development plan stipulates a specific position for the house on the site as well as “insertion into the surroundings” according to §34 of the Federal Building Code. The client commissioned the design of a family home that would pro- vide passively heated living space for two adults and four children. Use of energy efficient passive house technology, natural application of materials and prudent use of the resources at hand, make the buil- ding sustainable. The potential adaptation of the house to the fami- ly’s living situation was an important aspect thereof. Continue reading AMUNT