Aires Mateus

Renovation of the Trinity College – European College . Coimbra

Aires Mateus . Renovation of the Trinity College - European College . Coimbra (20)

Aires Mateus . photos: ​​© Nelson Garrido

The project starts with the consideration of heritage and historical values. We differentiate between the “eternal” value of the project´s masses: the compression of the great walls and domes, and the “ephemeral” character of the old structures: constructive systems traditionally made of wood. The project was developed following this understanding of passing time, preserving the value of the “eternal” and proposing a new “ephemeral”. A structure made of steel, separate and flooded with light, suggests a new contemporaneity. Continue reading Aires Mateus


Andreas Gruber

CASA UA . Barbiano

Andreas Gruber . CASA UA . Barbiano (1)

Andreas Gruber . photos: © Gustav Willeit . + divisare

Long-drawn natural stone walls shape the image of the western part of the Eisacktal in South Tyrol- Northern Italy. In the area of Bressanone You can find a granite stone with a considerable percentage of iron; in the southern Eisacktal You find porphyry, which change his colour in the weathering process in a dark gray. The building site in Barbian, a steeply slanting east slope, characterized by the same walls, with a magnificent view to the Dolomites, the Schlern, the impressive mountain in Val Gardena and the chubby Plose. Continue reading Andreas Gruber


Buchner Bründler

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Green residential Garden tower . Bern

Buchner Bründler . Garden tower . Bern  (1)

Buchner Bründler Architekten . photos : © Daniela & Tonatiuh . + swiss-architects

The building is located in an area that encompasses an urban network comprising five construction sites. Each of these construction sites was assigned a theme, and ours was “living with a view.” In this situation, the conceptual design was developed in a dialogue with the surroundings, yet without knowing the designs of the neighboring buildings. We decided to focus on a high-rise building, which not only opens up on all sides to afford views but also brings the surrounding natural landscape and its qualities of living directly into the architecture by means of the vertical plantings. Continue reading Buchner Bründler


brandão costa

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house in sobrado . valongo

brandão costa  . house in sobrado . valongo (1)

nuno brandão costa . photos: © arménio teixeira . + A Linha da Vizinha

The plot of land, part of a peripheral and semi-rural urban grid, is served by a steeply inclined road. Its natural elevation is considerably below the incline of the access road, matching geographically the valley to the south, which confers a wide breadth of landscape on it. The house is sited on this stable, natural platform, requiring that its access be made by a stone ramp. In order to bridge the difference in level between the land and the road, there is a succession of stone and concrete walls, parallel and diagonal to the road, built to achieve the fragmentation of the two volumes that make up the house. Their intersection is broken by an empty space that separates the house from the garage and creates the semblance of an exterior entrance hall. The garage, perpendicular to the ramp, is an abstract object, enclosed in concrete and aluminium and linking the road to the position of the house in the landscape. The house is a fully open space to the south and the east, linking the living spaces to the geography: the garden, the valley and the mountain. The house is not visible from the road, except for the chimney, which provides a transient verticality to an otherwise horizontal construction. Continue reading brandão costa