Marchi Architectes

Normandy Black House . Façade detail

Marchi Architectes . photos: © FG+SG architectural photography

The client wanted to move the living spaces to a more open and transparent spaces, in order to free some spaces in the old house. A unique volume is set up, arranging kitchen, living and dining room. From the interior, wide views are offered on the garden and on landscape. Continue reading Marchi Architectes


John Pawson

Palmgren House . Drevviken

John Pawson . + minimalissimo

This house on the shore of Lake Drevviken takes the form of a simple box, with an enclosed courtyard at the back and a terrace to the front.
Uncompromisingly contemporary, the architecture is nonetheless a quiet presence in the landscape. In winter, when the lake
freezes over and the site is blanketed in snow, the pale volume is all but invisible.
In summer, viewed from across the
water, the elevations are fragmented by foliage. Inside the house is designed to be as open as possible to views over the lake, with spaces framed in simple surfaces and in a pale tonal palette. Continue reading John Pawson