Beach Resort . Hualien


The Hualien Wellness & Residential development seeks to find the perfect balance between nature, health and the built environment. Sloping green roofs provide shade, remove heat, harvest rainwater and produce clean, breathable air, while the proximity to lush vegetation in the apartments creates a stress-relieving environment for residents. Continue reading BIG


Lacaton & Vassal

Transformation of 530 dwellings, block G, H, I . Bordeaux

Lacaton & Vassal . Frédéric Druot . Christophe Hutin

The project consists of the transformation of 3 inhabited social buildings, first phasis of a renovation program of the ‘Cité du Grand Parc’ in Bordeaux.
Built in the early 60’s, this urban housing counts more than 4000 dwellings. The 3 buildings G, H and I, 10 to 15 floors high gather 530 dwellings and give a capacity of transforming into beautiful dwellings with redefined qualities and comfort. Continue reading Lacaton & Vassal


Bajet . Linares . Giramé . Bonell . López-Dòriga


Segundo premio . autores: Pau Bajet Mena, Oscar Linares de la Torre, Maria Giramé Aumatell, Laura Bonell Mas, Daniel López-Dòriga Sagalés . Europan

La propuesta planteada pretende dar respuesta tanto a las especificidades del lugar como a los numerosos requisitos del programa planteado por la promotora de vivienda de promoción pública de Nürnberg -wbg Nürnberg GmbH-. Estas necesidades se identifican como inputs o leyes auto-impuestas que, planteadas con anterioridad a cualquier decisión de tipo formal, vertebran todo el proceso de proyecto dando forma a la propuesta.
Continue reading Bajet . Linares . Giramé . Bonell . López-Dòriga


Marchi Architectes

Normandy Black House . Façade detail

Marchi Architectes . photos: © FG+SG architectural photography

The client wanted to move the living spaces to a more open and transparent spaces, in order to free some spaces in the old house. A unique volume is set up, arranging kitchen, living and dining room. From the interior, wide views are offered on the garden and on landscape. Continue reading Marchi Architectes