House C . Mokrin

Studio AUTORI . House C . Mokrin (1)

Studio AUTORI . photos: © Relja Ivanić . + archdaily

House C and House D are a part of the “Terra Panonica” estate, located in Mokrin, a settlement in the municipality of Kikinda, in Vojvodina region, in Serbia. “Terra Panonica“ estate is a cultural and tourist complex for various creative and leisure activities. With its program itfocuses on cultural projects, design, education, agriculture and social development.The complex was built on the site of the former rural estate; therefore the disposition volume and shape of the new buildings have been determined after the original houses, while their functional relations adhere to the structural logic of the local rural households. In addition to the Houses C and D, the complex consists of a representative accommodation facility – House A, TP offices – House B and an additional accommodation facility – House 23. Continue reading Studio AUTORI


Boris Lefevre

wastewater treatment plant and public baths . CERRO DE PASCO

Boris Lefevre . wastewater treatment plant and public baths . CERRO DE PASCO


Cerro de Pasco, a mining town of the Andes Cordillera, was born to produce. Founded in the sixteenth century, it has grown on a mineral deposit, 4350 meters above the sea level. Since the 50s, an open pit mine eats the city from the inside. It has already destroyed most of the historic centre and still continues to grow. The private mining company profiting from the mine recorded a gross profit of $ 371 million in 2013, yet the city remains poor and its living conditions are precarious, even for Peru. Most of its 80 000 inhabitants do not have access to clean water, 90% of which is used up by the mining operations. They are forced to pay for washing themselves, what they usually can’t afford more that once a week. Continue reading Boris Lefevre


Boluda . Corvasce . López . Navarro

United Uses of Irun . Europan 13 . Irun

Boluda . Corvasce . López . Navarro . United Uses of Irun . Europan 13 . Irun

Jorge A. Ruiz Boluda . Nicola Corvasce . Jorge López González . Tania Navarro Aparicio

Due to its strategic location and its environment, Irun is full of opportunities (environmental, economical, tourist, historical) the competition offers the opportunity not only to respond to specific situations but also propose action strategies, to strengthen Irun has a great potencial in the Bidasoa to improve the quality citizens of life. Continue reading Boluda . Corvasce . López . Navarro





ROCAMORA ARQUITECTURA . fotos: © cabrera.photo

Este edifico, en esquina, en el Barrio Antiguo, en las laderas del Benacantil de Alicante, surge de la unión formal de dos pequeños bloques en estado, prácticamente, ruinoso. La intervención total, en su conjunto, son aproximadamente unos 350m2, y los pequeños apartamentos disponen entre 40 y 60m2 como máximo. François, empresario suizo enamorado de Alicante, decide comenzar una aventura en nuestra tierra con la compra de estas 2 propiedades, para poder algún día habilitarlas para apartamentos de alquiler. Continue reading ROCAMORA ARQUITECTURA


De Vylder Vinck Taillieu

Malpertuus Veterinary Clinic . Heusden

vylder vinck taillieu . Malpertuus Veterinary Clinic . Heusden (1)

architecten de vylder vinck taillieu . photos: © Filip Dujardin . + archdaily

Four vets want a new clinic. A new clinic for consultations; with a lab and operating facilities, organised in a very particular way. One part open to visitors, with consulting rooms; a pharmacy; a reception desk and a waiting area. And a lab area with echo and CT scan; and an operating theatre and short-term stay facilities for animals.Plus administration and overnight-stay facilities. Continue reading De Vylder Vinck Taillieu