SCL . Bischofsheim

MIND AC . SCL . Bischofsheim  (1)

Mind Architects Collective . photos: © Nick Frank

Bischofsheim is a community of around 12,000 located in a central suburban area between Mainz, Wiesbaden and Frankfurt.

An ecological new solid wood structure (cross-laminated timber manufactured by KLH Austria) with flexible usage was to be built on a small plot with two old garages in a densely built up town centre. Continue reading MIND AC


Barozzi / Veiga

A Sentimental Monumentality

Barozzi  Veiga . A Sentimental Monumentality (1)

Barozzi / Veiga . photos: © ANDREA AVEZZÙ . + divisare

The installation is conceived as a project-manifesto, a way of expressing an architecture in a state of equilibrium between the specificity of a place and the autonomy of the form. This dichotomy has guided our work in recent years. The installation establishes a sentimental connection with the reality of a place through a specific and perceptive relationship with the surroundings, in this instance with the Corderie building. At the same time, by way of a primitive, povera approach it seeks to transcend the time and the physical place in which it has come into being and achieve autonomy and independence in its own right. It is in the opposition between monument and sentiment that our work and the meaning of the installation lie, in the pursuit of an architecture that is specific and autonomous, intimate and monumental, which aspires to belong to a place and at the same time to belong to all places. An architecture capable of preserving the richness and uniqueness of each place while revealing the unexpected landscapes that each hides. Continue reading Barozzi / Veiga