Museo MARCO Pavilions . Monterrey

S-AR . Museo MARCO Pavilions . Monterrey (1)

S-AR . photos: © Carolina Cepeda . + divisare

Monterrey’s Museum of Contemporary Art has developed a series of programs that have benefited a great amount of neighborhoods, institutions, schools and companies in Monterrey and its metropolitan area through community interventions with artists, school visits and public art workshops. This year several activities were planned, including the project for some temporary pavilions that could work as small classrooms for workshops outside the Museum expanding the range of activities it offers. The project consists in a series of small pavilions that serve as classrooms for workshops and various activities related to arts and crafts, directed for children and young people during the summer. Continue reading S-AR


Silvia Lucchetta

LINEAR LANDSCAPES . Sant Mateu d’Albarca

Silvia Lucchetta . LINEAR LANDSCAPES . Sant Mateu d'Albarca (1)

Silvia Lucchetta

Linear Landscapes presents an alternative tourism strategy with the purpose of reactivating a rural and semi-abandoned area in the interior of Ibiza. The project aims at attracting middle aged and senior citizens from around the world, an active population looking for a quiet and relaxed environment, for either temporary or permanent relocations. Linear Landscapes does so through the careful insertion of accommodation, wellness and medical programs. Continue reading Silvia Lucchetta



MALI Museum Extention. Lima

PRODUCTORA . MALI Museum Extention. Lima (7)

PRODUCTORA . drawings and images: © PRODUCTORA

Instead of elaborating on the differences between the new addition and the historic building – so often the case in these kind of exercises – we are rather interested in the possibility of establishing a continuity between both architectural components. The decisive gesture is the excavation of a deep rectangular patio next to the actual museum, implementing an interior facade that mimics the order and proportion of the neoclassical elevation, establishing a dialogue between the existing building and its contemporary addition. It is the primitive gesture of the rectangular void -fifteen meters deep- that will constitute the main urban attraction: a large sunken public space equipped with elegantly descending ramps and bracketed by two majestic vaulted interior spaces. Continue reading PRODUCTORA