Caruso St John

Bremer Landesbank . Bremen

Caruso St John . Bremer Landesbank . Bremen (1) 0

Caruso St John Architects . photos: © Hélène Binet . + architecture today

The site for the head office of the Bremer Landesbank is a public platform from which the institution should project itself. What should a bank look like today? Amongst the structures gathered together at Bremen’s historic temple district, from the Romanesque spire of the Dom at its centre, to the small houses along the edge of the flower market, the bank should stand like a city elder, taking its place amongst the other important figures. With its close proximity to the mediaeval Town Hall and to the Dom, the bank should not attract too much attention, it should be reserved, but dressed in clothes of the highest quality. Above all it should have an open and honest face. Continue reading Caruso St John