Fernandez-Abascal . Grau

President’s Wall

Fernandez-Abascal .  Grau . President’s Wall (7)

Guillermo Fernandez-Abascal (GFA2) . Urtzi Grau (FKAA) . James Withlow Delano (copyright images)

Dept. of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued a solicitation in electronic format for the design and build of several prototype wall structures in the vicinity of the United States border with Mexico.

Deeply inspired by the Emperor’s New Clothes tale, our proposed wall will be made of fabric only visible to anyone who is stupid or incapable of doing his job. Continue reading Fernandez-Abascal . Grau



Anneliese Brost Musikforum Ruhr . Bochum

Annelise Brost Musikforum Ruhr

Bez+Kock Architekten . photos: © Brigida González . + baunetz

Der Neubau des Musikzentrums ist kein gewöhnliches »elitäres« Konzerthaus. Vielmehr entsteht aus der Symbiose von Alt und Neu ein bereits mit seiner Eröffnung in der Bochumer Geschichte verwurzeltes Gebäude, das alle Bürger anspricht. 42.000 Besucher am Eröffnungswochenende sind dafür ein beredtes Zeugnis. Continue reading Bez+Kock


graber & steiger

Residential building Mühle . Sempach

graber & steiger . Residential building Mühle . Sempach  (1)

graber & steiger architekten . photos: © Dominique Marc Wehrli

In further developing the specific atmosphere of the small town of Sempach in a contemporary way, the new residential and commercial «Mühle» building reacts distinctively to the different adjoining urban spaces. Organically grown structures and pathways are traced and strengthened in subtle folds in the volume, while a respectful dialogue is engaged with the neighbouring «Hexenturm». Continue reading graber & steiger