the house no.1 . Würenlos

afgh . the house no.1 . Würenlos (1)

afgh architects . Ugo Rondinone . photos: © Valentin Jeck

This house was conceived and realised by artist Ugo Rondinone in collaboration with architects Gabrielle Haechler, Andreas Fuhrimann, as the perfect place for live and work. The house was finalized in autumn 2014. Continue reading afgh


terradas . ayala . allaround lab


terradas . ayala . allaround lab . ESCOLETA . LLUBI (1)

terradas arquitectos . pablo ayala . allaround lab

L’entorn més proper està format tipològicament per la trama del casc antic de Llubí. Aquesta trama es caracteritza per conjunts de cases entre mitgeres. Són cases amb murs de maçoneria realitzada amb pedra de la zona, cobertes de teula àrab i de 2 plantes com a màxim d’alçada. Continue reading terradas . ayala . allaround lab



Broëlberg housing complex . KILCHBERG

E2A . Broëlberg housing complex . KILCHBERG (1)

E2A Eckert Eckert Architekten . photos: © Rasmus Norlander

The Broëlberg housing complex was programmatically formulated to suit a total of 1% of the overall rental market. The client’s program defined an explicit type, with equality among the users as a requirement – a high-end housing for foreigners and expatriates unable to find residential conditions to match their expectations. The context for once was unique, virginal and untouched, in a private park – one of the last remaining protected retreats close to Zurich, with two designated areas in which the housing projects were to be built as two separate islands. The design provided a rigorous location for democratic divisions with vertical layering, ensuring that everyone would have an equal relation to the park. The vertical stacking expresses a menu, with superimposed living models, one on top of the other; a sunken infrastructure, an open-plan, a chamber work of individual rooms and a summerhouse on the roof. Continue reading E2A



The Orchard . MALMÖ

KrupinskiKrupinska . The Orchard . MALMÖ (1)

Krupinski/Krupinska Arkitekter . + divisare

The Orchard is Krupinski/Krupinska´s proposal for the Commoning Kits exhibition at Form/Design Center in Malmö. Thirteen Nordic architecture studios were invited to make proposals for new types of public spaces. The proposals were made for Sege Park, a former hospital and park area from the 1930s. Each office was assigned an area within Sege Park and a specific theme for the proposal. Krupinski/Krupinska was assigned an existing apple orchard and the theme religion. Continue reading Krupinski/Krupinska