The new FIM headquarters . Mies

LOCALARCHITECTURE . The new FIM headquarters . Mies (7)

LOCALARCHITECTURE . photos: © Matthieu Gafsou

Elegant and iconic, the new headquarters of the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation) had to wait ten years before taking shape on a site in the outskirts of Geneva where road and railway meet.
It was in 2006 that LOCALARCHITECTURE and Bureau d’Architecture Danilo Mondada won the competition (conducted by the MEP – Mandat d’Études Parallèles – parallel development selection process) for the extension of the International Motorcycling Federation’s main headquarters in Mies in the canton of Vaud. Following a change of administration at the FIM the project was abandoned. A new selection procedure with invited architects was launched in 2013, with a modified functional programme. At this point the mandate was awarded to LOCALARCHITECTURE. Continue reading LOCALARCHITECTURE


David Chipperfield

Mixed-use complex Karlstraße . Munich

David Chipperfield . Mixed-use complex Karlstraße . Munich (1)

David Chipperfield Architects . + Süddeutsche Zeitung

David Chipperfield Architects Berlin has won an international competition for a mixed-use complex on a site to the north of Munich’s central station. The area is presently dominated by manufacturing and light industry and the project supports its transformation into a more urban neighbourhood. Continue reading David Chipperfield


Saurer . Rindisbacher

farmhouse refurbishment . Wattenwil

Saurer . Rindisbacher  . farmhouse refurbishment . Wattenwil (2)

Johannes Saurer Architekt . Thun and Matthias Rindisbacher . photos: © Christine Blaser

Das Bauernhaus von 1681 stellt typologisch eine für die Region charakteristische Variation des Berner Oberländer Bauernhauses dar. Im Unterschied zum typischen Oberländer Haus verfügt das Gebäude über einen Oekonomieteil mit südseitiger Hocheinfahrt. 1989 wurde in enger Zusammenarbeit mit der Denkmalpflege, Bauherrschaft und dem Architekten Matthias Rindisbacher der Wohnteil restauriert und umgebaut, gleichzeitig entstand aus dem Kuhstall ein Freilaufstall für Pferde. Continue reading Saurer . Rindisbacher


Philipp von Matt

A27 – Artist – House Leiko Ikemura . Berlin

Anita Back © PhvM

Philipp von Matt Architect

Number 27 faces the street like every other building, on closer inspection, however, the facade turns out to have just nine windows, almost none of which looks like the others, unusual proportions, inexplicable shifts in scale; attentive observers start to get curious. And if they manage to get past the facade of urban anonymity, they will quickly realize that almost nothing about this building is normal, and nothing at all was left to chance. First, a small, Zeninspired interior courtyard takes up the
Far Eastern influences and unfolds a kind of monastic atmosphere in the middle of the area that is obviously dedicated to Leiko Ikemura’s art. Continue reading Philipp von Matt