Louise Bourgeois

Spider Woman . 2004

Spider Woman . 2004

+ MoMA

Over the course of her career, Bourgeois constantly revisited the themes of her art, all of which emerged from emotions she struggled with for a lifetime. Also, she said there was no “rivalry” between the mediums in which she worked, noting that “they say the same thing in different ways.” Continue reading Louise Bourgeois


John Zurier

North (Stars without distance) . 2014 – 2017

01 John Zurier . North (Stars without distance) . 2014 – 2017

+ Peter Blum

John Zurier’s paintings meld abstraction with a visceral sense of being in the world. Over the past decade, Zurier’s time spent in Iceland has become a source and confirmation for the central concerns of his work: color, surface, light, and air. Continue reading John Zurier


Vicky Wright

(HER) BERT . 2017

01 Vicky Wright . (HER) BERT . 2017

+ Josh Lilley Gallery

Night Shift’s subject and protagonist is the artist’s grandmother, a war widow who took to work as a weaver in a mill. By night she turned her labour into creation, approximating Dior and Molyneux dress designs in paper patterns on a mannequin in her kitchen. Continue reading Vicky Wright