Pierre Huyghe

After ALife Ahead . 2017

Pierre Huyghe . After ALife Ahead . 2017 (1)

photos: © Ola Rindal . + Esther Schipper

For the 2017 Skuptur Projekte in Münster, the historic exhibition of sculpture organized every 10 years, Pierre Huyghe has built a major new work. In an unused ice rink complex, the floor has been cut, the ground below becomes a biotope, the groundwater forms ponds. Continue reading Pierre Huyghe


Andreas Angelidakis

DEMOS . 2016

Andreas Angelidakis . DEMOS . 2016 (1)

+ documenta14

DEMOS is a space that materially and formally references two extremes of a spectrum that have been constitutive for the construction of Athens. On the one end of the spectrum are the ancient stone steps on the hill Pnyx, a modular typology and meeting place that can be said to have initiated the formation of democracy. Continue reading Andreas Angelidakis


Nick Cave

Until . 2016

Nick Cave . Until . 2016 (1)


Until begins with a dense sculptural field of metallic lawn ornaments leading to a crystal cloud topped by a private garden populated with birds, flowers, and black-face lawn jockeys, finally coming to rest before a cliff wall hand-woven with shoelaces and hundreds of thousands of colorful pony beads. Continue reading Nick Cave