Yun Hyong-keun

Umber-Blue . 1977

Umber-Blue . 1977

+ David Zwirner

Using a restricted palette of ultramarine and umber, Yun created his distinctive compositions by adding layer upon layer of paint onto raw canvas or linen, often applying the next coat before the last one had dried. He then diluted the pigments with turpentine solvent, allowing them to seep into the fibers of the support, staining it in a similar way to traditional ink on absorbent paper. Continue reading Yun Hyong-keun


Elmgreen & Dragset


Elmgreen & Dragset . AT THE GRAND PALAIS (1)

+ Galerie Perrotin

For one day only, Elmgreen & Dragset present Galerie Perrotin’s FIAC art fair booth, alone and freestanding in the middle of the Grand Palais, exactly as it will appear one month later at the actual fair, on the same spot and with the same artworks on display. The modest scale of the single booth—in relation to the enormity of the Grand Palais—exposes the architectural simplicity of an art fair booth and its fragile character when suddenly stripped of its normal context. Continue reading Elmgreen & Dragset


Rometti Costales

Le mur de pluie, courtesy Azul Jacinto Marino . 2016

Rometti Costales . Le mur de pluie, courtesy Azul Jacinto Marino . 2016 (1)

+ Jousse Entreprise

Julia Rometti and Victor Costales treat nature as a space for political inscription. The fruit of years of field research in Latin America, ‘El Perspectivista Parts I and II’ addressed the tropics as a field for geo-political critique and radical imagination. Continue reading Rometti Costales